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The band, from Marseille (France), formed in 1994 by Krof (drums), Decimator (bass) , Skreetch and Loule (guitars) and Janot (vocals). From a trash/death orientation with some techno influences, the band found a new singer in Patrick, who's got a more fusion approach in his vocals.

Then, in 1995, K-lomny recorded a 2 tracks tape demo which was never commercialized. Then the combo turns to a more death metal music with the arrival of Tony and his gore voice, after Patrick left in 1996. In august 1998, K-lomny released and solded a demo tape.

From now on, the songs considerably evoluted: some grind short ones, others longer and more complicated with hardcore/Techno sequences. In 1999, paKito arrives in the band and now is in charge of the sequences. Then a new demo is released on CD in august of that year.

K-lomny performed in about twenty gigs with Morgue, Sublime Cadaveric Décomposition, Catacomb, Evol, Sadist, Prejudice... The band don't talk abou politics or religion, but is more into provocation, and today, the music is definitively turned into a Brutal Death Metal with various influences.

Finally, a second demo cd should be avalilable in December 2000 : IntoXi-K-tion ? To be continued...